I’m the founder and lead Showit designer of Wolf & Willow. But I’m also an Air Force veteran, marg-loving gal, skilled gamer (though my competitive husband would try to refute), mom to two beautiful girls, and a wife to my amazing husband of 17 years.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

Hey, I'm Ashlie.


pull up a chair and get cozy...we're all about lasting friendships over here

showit website design

As you can probably tell by now...

I'm also a passionate web design nerd obsessed with helping other creative entrepreneurs build bangin' businesses through beautiful and strategic branding and website designs and Showit fangirl for life.

And now, I get to teach and watch passionate entrepreneurs flourish, achieving what they’ve always dreamed of, and living a life they truly love.

I understand the yearning of wanting to do well and placing high expectations on yourself to be all the things.

One caveat, though. Even though I can definitely nerd-out all day long about logos, patterns, and fonts, and wireframes, my true passion is helping entrepreneurs achieve the success they’ve always dreamed about.

Truth is, I didn’t train to be a web designer or grow up super artsy. In fact, I started my entrepreneurial journey not even knowing what I wanted to do yet.

I just knew I wanted to achieve a work-life balance so I could see my girls grow up, be more present in their lives, and create a legacy for them.

My corporate job and career as an Officer in the Air Force definitely didn’t give me this opportunity and I ended up missing a good chunk of my girls’ lives, which left me dreading every time my alarm clock went off in the morning. (I think most of us entrepreneurs can relate to this.)

Pursuing design and becoming a full-fledged business owner has given me something to be passionate about because I get to leave a positive mark in the world. Plus, my girls love saying that I’m a stay-at-home mom and business owner!

Slow mornings, Indie Spotify, almond milk shaken espressos, puppy snuggles and really soft sweatpants

currently running on

French fries ( I firmly believe they should be their own food group)

favorite food

Spicy margarita on rocks, shaken with a salted rim

drink of choice

a few fun facts

my 5 second bio...

Anything Marvel, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars

catch me watching

Watching or reading anything vampire related

guilty pleasure

Flippin' houses like Joanna Gaines!

alternate dream job

Video games! I play Call of Duty (sometimes competitively!)

secret talent

Overachieving, design obsessed, lover of witty humor, overthinking Enneagram 8 with a flair for the dramatic (AKA always up in my feels).

sound like you? we'd be great friends!

Cancel culture (and hustle culture while we're at it), bullsh*t, judgement, anything cluttered.

less this:

Living intentionally, following your passion(s), love is love, and lots of travel.

more this:

In this day and age, there are just so many options. But you’re not just looking for anyone — you’re looking for someone who really knows their sh*t. Someone who pays attention, transforms your vision into reality, and matches your ambition.

Need a blog? You got it. E-commerce? No sweat. Domain set up or migration? Ain’t no thing.

We mean it when we say we’re a one-stop design studio.

And committing can be a big decision.

Searching for your designer soulmate is challenging.

we get it

We'll always treat your business as if it were our own.

our promise

To provide you top notch Showit design and development services to professionals who give a damn about their online presence

our mission

get in touch

Ain't nobody got time for that.

Because trying to be an expert in all the platforms is like trying to graduate with 5 majors...all at the same time...

showit is all we do

Rome wasn't built by a single person.

As the saying (sort of) goes...

meet the team

When she’s not nose deep in a design project, you can find her sipping a margarita (shaken, rim with salt, if you’re curious), catching up on her favorite TV shows, or scoping out the swankiest restaurants (with vegan options) in town with Garrett.

Former Accountant, Air Force Veteran, typography obsessed, strongly opinionated, bringer of bad jokes, all things design nerd, girl mom, hype woman

meet ashlie - founder + lead designer

We partner exclusively with AK, founder of Half Pint Design, to offer our clients stunning and strategic branding to pair with our Showit websites. She’s passionate about working with purpose-driven businesses to help bring their mission and vision to life. (She's also the mastermind behind our W&W brand!)

Pro thrifter, lover of all things vintage, closet singer/songwriter, dessert queen, shameless dog mom of 2 spoiled rescue pups

meet ak - Partner of wolf & willow, brand strategist + designer, founder of half pint design

Not made for the corporate world, she found herself to be most fulfilled when helping heart-forward entrepreneurs make a positive difference with their talents. Her dearest held belief is that we’re all capable of greatness — so long as we support and encourage one another. She also believes peanut butter should never be wasted. Ever.

Former marketing coordinator, digital nomad, collaborative soul, always up for a challenge, word wizard, self-proclaimed (ethical) vegan chef 

meet hana - partner of wolf & willow, conversion copywriter

Jaycee is my sweet little girl who is loving, kind, thoughtful, and incredibly intelligent. She will always be the first person to jump in and help out when she sees you struggling, even when you don't ask her. Jaycee has turned me into a better person because of her immense selflessness, boundless positivity, and hunger for learning new things. When she's not nose-deep into a book or learning computer coding, you can most likely hear her trading witty one-liners with her sister and dad.

meet jaycee - team happiness guru, mom's hype girl

Although Piper is the more private one in the family, her love and care for others shine bright. She is openly bisexual, and I admire her for not just unapologetically being herself, but also fiercely speaking up for inclusivity and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Her passion for spreading peace in this world has made all our hearts open up. Piper is also devilishly witty, and her antics never fail to make all of us double over in laughter.

meet piper - equality manager, comedic relief

Garrett is my biggest support system. No matter the situation (for example, when I pitch yet another crazy idea I have), he's always there to encourage me to chase after those dreams. He could also be described as protective, caring, and ruthlessly sarcastic. Even though I hung up my Air Force hat for good, he's still proudly wearing his after 17 years (and counting) of service. Oh, and when he's not working his night shifts, he makes the best drinks.

meet garrett - morale officer, lead bartender

Meet the cast and crew of my own personal fairytale who really keep the gears turning here at Wolf & Willow

My Life Team Members

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My girls are my inspiration for everything, including my business. That’s why our name, Wolf & Willow, is symbolic of my daughters. The wolf represents strength, courage, loyalty, and quiet fierceness - like my oldest daughter, Piper. And the willow? It represents hope, belonging, compassion, and healing — just like my youngest daughter, Jaycee.

The willow is just as strong and brave as the wolf, and the wolf is just as soft and gentle as the willow. One can’t be without the other. They need each other.

Why wolf & willow?


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