Semi-Custom Showit Website

All the perks of starting with a template, none of the limitations of a standard template customization.

This service is perfect for you if you're not quite ready for our Signature Experience or a fully custom website, but still want to be able to make a template as uniquely yours as possible. 

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showit template customization

the Semi-Custom Design Experience

You're not quite ready for a custom website, but you're worried using a template won't give you enough of that truly personalized touch.

With our Semi-Custom Showit Website Experience, we'll start with a template and fully customize it to fit your brand, business and content. 

Bring a template you've already purchased, or choose any template from our Shop or Starter Templates as a base to start with. 

And the best part is...the cost of your template is included with your semi-custom investment!

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*If you choose a template from our Shop or available Starter Templates. You are also welcome to bring pre-purchased templates from other design shops at your own expense.

How to know if a Semi-Custom Website is right for you.

You want a high-converting website on a DIY budget

But you're also not really thrilled about DIYing it yourself. and would rather turn it over to a professional.

You're struggling to find a template you think will really fit your business and/or content

You can find templates you like, but always feel like they're missing pages, features or layouts you need.

You want something a little more personalized than just dropping your content into a template

Translation: Let's make it look like it was never a template to begin with.

Being told "sorry that's not included" isn't really your thing

With a semi-custom website you have full creative freedom to request  changes and customizations.

Brand, copy + image changes

Help choosing a template

Blog setup & integration

Showit template installation

Basic SEO implementation


semi-custom website

template customization

Ok, but what really makes this different from a Template Customization?

Here's a quick comparison from some of our most frequently asked questions .

Domain migration + SSL

Up to 2 additional custom pages

Custom canvas designs

Re-arranging canvas layouts

the process

here's how it works

step 5: vip day & launch
step 4: seo implementation
step 3: the design phase
step 2: homework + planning

After you've booked your Semi-Custom Website Experience, we'll schedule a Strategy Call to kick things off. We'll discuss everything from template choice to branding, preferences, page and canvas layout design requests, etc. By the end of this call we should have a firm understanding of the overall goals for your website and your vision for how you want it to look and function.

Strategy Call

step 1: the strategy call


step 5: vip day & launch
step 4: seo implementation
step 3: the design phase
step 2: homework & planning

Leading up to your start date, you'll have some homework to do. This can include gathering copy, images, branding assets, choosing and purchasing your template or whatever else we need in order to begin. While you're doing all of that, I'll be formulating a plan for your design and implementation!

Homework & Planning

step 1: the strategy call


step 5: vip day & launch
step 4: seo implementation
step 3: the design phase
step 2: homework & planning

Once we're all ready to go, I'll begin designing your Homepage. We'll go through a full 2 rounds of review and revisions on the Homepage to make sure you're fully satisfied with the overall direction of that before moving on to the interior pages. This gives us a perfect foundation to build off of! Then I'll continue customizing and building out the rest of your pages and implement any necessary integrations.

Design Phase

step 1: the strategy call


Step 5: vip day & launch!
step 4: seo implementation
step 3: the design phase
step 2: homework & planning

This experience includes basic SEO implementation. This includes properly named text tags, page titles & descriptions, image tags and optimized H1 tags. If you're interested in a more advanced, personalized SEO package including keyword research and competitor analysis, ti can be purchased as an add-on.

Time for SEO!

step 1: the strategy call


step 5: vip day & launch!
step 4: seo implementation
step 3: the design phase
step 2: homework & planning

When we're ready, I'll block off an entire day dedicated to being on a live call with you to make any final revisions, requests and changes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new website. And once we're done with that, I'm going to give you a tour of Showit, the builder and anything else you want to learn in order to feel confident about taking over to make updates in the future. Then, when you're ready to launch, we'll Publish!

VIP Day & Launch!

step 1: the strategy call

The Investment

2 payments of


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3 payments of


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pay in full


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best value
need something else?

a la carte


Professional Website Copywriting

Need scroll-worthy copy to go along with your new website? We've got you covered. Our in house conversion copywriter is an expert at capturing your brand voice and whipping up  strategic copy that speaks directly to your ideal clients.

investment: $1,200

Advanced SEO Starter Kit

For those who want more than the basics, get an advanced SEO analysis personalized to your business. Receive advanced keyword research + analysis and optimized tags, titles & descriptions delivered AND implemented into your Showit site!

investment: $800

Brand Consultation

Not ready for a custom brand but wish you could get a set of professional eyes on your existing brand to to help pull it all together or make sure you're on the right track? Work with our favorite Brand Strategist + Designer for a personalized consult!

investment: $500

ready to finally give your business the brand + website it deserves?

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