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Showit Website Migration

A Wolf & Willow Signature Experience

Take everything you love about your current website (and nothing you don’t) and migrate it to Showit with this done-for-you service!

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But there’s a huge obstacle in your way: migrating all. your. content. to a new Showit website

So you're ready for a major upgrade: making the switch to Showit

DNS, SEO, migration, redesigns… If your head is spinning just from thinking about going through these processes to migrate your website to Showit, you’re not alone!

The reality is, as intuitive as Showit can be, it can still be a learning curve — one that you don't really have the time to learn because you're busy building your empire.

Launch your business, grow and scale it, and feel confident taking that next step by letting us take migrating your site to Showit off your hands.

Recreation of your favorite elements and pages

Investment starts at $3,500

Redesign of elements and pages

Edits to your website copy as needed

A custom Coming Soon page

Domain and blog migration and setup

VIP Day for live edits and Showit training

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Whether your website is on Squarespace, Wix, or any other website platform, our team of website migration experts will help you transfer everything you love about your current site, redesign areas you aren’t crazy about, and migrate it to a professionally-done Showit website.

But what exactly is the Showit Website Migration experience?

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frequently asked 





who is the website migration service for? how do I know if it's right for me?


how is this different from a custom website design?


how is this different from a custom website design?

This service 

who is the website migration service for? how do I know if it's right for me?

Our Signature Website Migration service is perfect for anyone is overall happy with their existing website design, content and functionality but wants to make the switch to Showit. We'll recreate everything you want to keep, re-design areas you aren't crazy about, and migrate all of your existing content.

how does the migration actually work? How do you transfer my information from my old site?

There's technically not a way to "transfer" your information, this must be done manually by our team of Showit experts. This white-glove experience has our team recreate your existing website design within Showit and import your existing copy and images in a fully set-up, ready to launch Showit site.

how is this different from a custom website design?

While we will redesign areas of your website in the migration process, we will use the existing design framework and concepts as a guide to keep newly created areas consistent with your existing brand. If you're looking to change the overall  design of your entire website, that would be a better fit for our Custom Brand + Website Service.


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