Every Woman Deserves Her Dream Life

My mission is to empower you to pursue a life you love. I am committed to helping you figure out why your life sucks and design a life plan that will make you want to get out of the bed in the morning full of passion.

So how can I help?

The Reality Check

The Reality Check is a 3-week intensive where we get to work together on a deep dive into why you’re unhappy and what you’re real dream life looks like. We’ll spend time digging into what real success looks like to you, what’s holding you back from pursuing it, and then put together a customized plan with actionable steps to get you moving in the right direction. And if you need an accountability partner, I’m here for you! TRC clients have the option to immediately enroll in the Accountability Coaching program.

Accountability Coaching

This program is perfect for anyone who has completed The Reality Check or if you already know what your goals are. You wanna make a change but need a little kick in the ass to stay on track. I’ll be your dedicated accountability partner over an 8 week intensive. You’ll get weekly Zoom calls with me, unlimited email and messaging to support you in making sure you don’t get stuck or get in your own way on your journey to your dream life. You’ll go from Suck to Success in no time!

Living Productively

This is what Be Productively is all about! Consider this your maintenance plan. Less intense than The Reality Check or Accountability Coaching, this program is perfect for anyone who needs more long term support on their journey. You’ll get weekly Zoom calls, unlimited messaging and email support.