5 Signs You Need a New Website (Or an Update)

Ok, so you already have a website (pat on the back for that by the way!). Seriously, that’s a real accomplishment! Buuuuuuut, how well is it really serving you and your business? Is it working for you, rather than you working on it?

Ask not what you can do for your website, but what your website can do for you 🫡.

Alright, but really…is your website not only inviting potential clients/customers in but converting them? And on that note, is it inviting the right potential clients (IE your dream clients.)? Hell, is it even driving any traffic at all? (Gulp)!

Wait! Don’t run away just yet…hear me out! 

There’s a good possibility that you’ve simply outgrown your old website and it’s time to shake things up. Not sure how to tell if that’s the case for you? I gotchu, fam. Read on for 5 questions to ask yourself to help you decide if it’s time to trade in that ole’ Beetle for a shiny new Camaro. 

1. Does your current website still accurately reflect the services you offer?

Ask yourself: are you still offering the same services (and in the same way) as you did when you first built your website? 

It’s natural as business owners to evolve as we hone in on our skills and respond to client and market demands. (Have you read my business journey? Four years ago I set out to start a VA business…look at me now!)

Change is great! Buuuuuuut sometimes we get so busy with day to day tasks and life that we neglect to update our website to reflect those changes. (🖐🏻 Guilty!) 

Maybe you started out offering A-Z Virtual Assistant services, but over time realized that your zone of genius is really social media management. 

Or, maybe your a SMM who started out offering #alltheplatforms management but later discovered that Facebook is just really not your jam. 

Cool! Just make sure to update your website to accurately reflect what you’re offering. Lest, you continue to receive inquiries that make you want vomit in your mouth a little but also suffer from FOMO when it comes to earning money. 

2. Are you comfortable making small changes to your website on your own? (Or hell, any for that matter?)

Do you get a thrill of victory every time you make updates or changes to your website? Do you get pumped to hop in and make changes when you have a new marketing idea or update your business offerings? If not, your website might be stuck in the mud while you’re trying to be a trailblazer, and that’s just tragic.

Your website should feel like home for your business. A place you can clean up, reorganize and redecorate to your heart’s content (without having to call in a maid or handyman service). It should be able to grow and scale with your business, sans major surgeries. 

Understandably, not every business owner is a web designer, nor do they want to be. So yeah, for major overhauls, rebrands or more advanced design features and technical capabilities it makes sense to bring in the big guns 💪🏻. 

But for the most part, you should be able to maintain and update your website as you evolve and change your offerings, without wanting to drown yourself in a bottle of tequila. 

This is why our templates are designed to be flexible and scalable. Easy to customize features, all-you-can-customize buffet of pages, in-depth template specific tutorials, and lifetime ongoing support from us and other W&W alumni assure that your website can grow WITH you, (and not in a mess in that back room closet you just shut the door and not deal with kind of way). 

Same with our custom brand + websites. Our good friend and biz partner AK from Half Pint Design crafts thoughtful and timeless brands that are guaranteed to last a LOT longer than a Kardashian relationship. We couple that with a strategic and functional website that makes it easy for you to update in the future as you evolve (and we hope you do!). 

Need to add a new gallery from your latest photo sesh? No sweat.

Want to make a small refresh to your color palette. Easy peasy. 

Empowering you to take control of as much of your business as possible (without the bottle of Tylenol, please and thanks) is a passion of ours, and it’s a total game-changer for you. 

3. Does your current website really reflect who you are, what you offer and how, and to who? (And is it super obvious no matter where people end up on your website?)

When someone lands on your website, does it feel like a slap in the face, but in a good way? Do they instantly know who you are, what you do, and why you’re the bee’s knees compared to everyone else?

If the answer is no, it’s time to go surgical. 

Anyone who has been in the biz (or researched how to be) for more than a hot second will tell you that people buy from people, or people buy stories not services, etc. And in our endeavor to make connections and be relatable on our website, sometimes we forget to make ourselves the guide and not the hero of the story. 

Your website should be a clear reflection of who you are, sure, but it should be positioned in a way that tells your dream client (and quickly, might I add) not just about you, but what you do, how you do it, and how it serves them.  

Looking for a blueprint? Our templates all follow this same principle. Every page is intentionally designed to help you convey the benefits of your services and offerings in a clear, simple and effective way. 

If your current website isn’t doing this for you on auto-pilot, it’s probably time for an update. 

4. Do you get a little twinge of uncertainty (or even cringe) when sending people to your website?

Most of us have been there: “Here’s my website…but just ignore XYZ because I’m in the process of ______…” (Quietly slinks away to log on and make as many changes as possible before they can hit Enter). 

The bottom line of it is…if you’re not excited about scrolling through your website, your potential clients are likely to feel the same. 

Like I mentioned earlier, your website should feel like a home for your business. One you should be proud to throw out the welcome mat and make your guests  feel like you just handed them a cold glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade on a smoldering Louisiana front porch in July. 

If your website doesn’t have you saying:

It’s time for a new website, pronto.

5. Are the inquiries hitting your inbox coming from dreamy clients you’d love to work with? (Or are you getting any inquiries at all 🫣?)

Do a lot of your potential client calls end with red flags, sticker shock, or worse…crickets?

While not all inquiries can be a slam dunk, if your website is doing its job properly then the majority of your calls should end up with clients more on the spectrum of “Hell yea, let’s do this thing! Where do I sign!?” 

So listen up, buttercup! Your leads spill the tea about how your brand is being perceived, and if you’re not getting the leads you want (or any leads at all), something on or about your website is as off-key as a tone-deaf karaoke singer. 

At the end of the day, your website should do a good job of filtering out both good, qualified leads AND those that aren’t a great fit for you. 

Can I get a hoyyyyyyyyyya for no more wasted time on calls with people who aren’t your dream client or aren’t ready for your price point!? 

Bottom line is, if your website isn’t bringing you the right leads (or any leads at all)…it’s likely time for an update. 

Ok, so now what?

If you nodded your head (or wanted to crawl under a rock) reading any of these, chances are you know now that it’s time to make some changes to your website. So the biggest question is: how? Sure, you could probably make some tweaks or smaller updates, but here’s the cold hard truth…

Sometimes, we just gotta…

and move on to bigger and better things. Let’s give ole’ Betty a round of applause for all she’s done for us and put that pony out to pasture. 

I know what you’re thinking. Scrapping your old website and starting from scratch sounds about as much fun as watching your manicure dry…but that’s what we’re here for! No matter where you are in your journey or budget, we have options for you. 

Not ready to fully commit to a custom brand + website? No problemo, our shop has beautiful and strategic website templates to make it easy to get back up and running in no time. Wanna take one for a test drive? I gotchu, booboo! Grab a free IG Links Landing page from our fan-favorite Rosemary Template

Or, if you’re ready to level up with something more custom, we’d love to invite you into our Signature Experience. This experience is perfect for those who have been in business for a few years and have outgrown their current website and are looking to really hone in on not just the visuals but the overall strategy of their brand.

Our Signature Brand + Custom Website Experience includes everything from:

  • Brand Strategy + Design
  • Personalized copywriting
  • Custom Showit website
  • 2-week launch strategy with keyword research, captions, hashtags, posting schedule suggestions and graphics to help you make the biggest splash with your new brand + website

There’s so much more to talk about, but for now I’ll just send ya over to check it out for yourself! And if you’re ready to rock-n-roll, you can book a call here!

I hope this was helpful and please, if you have any questions or just want to chat, head on over and pop us a DM!

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